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“bee” a light

“bee” a light

"bee" a light

I'm so very glad you decided to stop by angel bee!!  My name is Christy Jean Riggs, and it's a pleasure to "bee" a part of your day.  I started this blog out of an intense desire and distinct calling to share truth, love, light, and encouragement.  I think we can all feel the world we live in shifting.  As if nothing makes sense, yet everything is starting to come to light all at the same time.  Don't worry!  This is supposed to be happening.  The world is "waking up", so to speak, after being in a sleepy fog for quite some time.  Due to many, many things (which I will try my best to help you understand as we go) we have all been misled into believing that we have to be in a race in life...always competing to see who has the biggest house, the best dressed wife and kids, use only designer products, etc.  


But, where does that get us?  In my experience, further away from our own divine nature, standing less in our own sovereignty, further away from the truth, disconnected from those we love the most, and a dreadful feeling that we are just checking a proverbial box until one day we don't wake up and hope for the best as we stand at the pearly gates..sound familiar?


But, if you're like I was, there's always this feeling that there has to be something more.  That we wouldn't have been so perfectly created by God just to be a slave to our jobs, routines, and keeping up with the Jones's.  The truth is, he didn't.  he created this entire, beautiful world, and everything in it, in the blink of an eye.  And he did it with bold expression, vivid color and personality, and perfect attention to detail.  You are not an accident, nor are you a number on a production line that goes by with no notice or regard.  He made us in his image...think about what that means.  He made us to be like him.  Perfect and not lacking in any way.  There is literally divinity within each of us if we would only quiet our minds long enough to seek within our hearts to discover it.


Now, that is good news!  But it poses a real problem to those who wouldn't benefit very much from humanity being content and happy, focusing inward on the condition of our hearts, and aligning with our purpose of peace, compassion, and unconditional love of ourselves and others.  So, just like a plan of awakening was put into place (which we are witnessing unfold as we speak), a plan was also put into place a long time ago by very dark forces on this planet to keep us from the light, and to even keep us from realizing just how far away from the light we are or how we got there.


Please believe me, I don't share this with you to scare or judge you.  Quite the opposite, really.  I share this with you because you have the same divinity within you that is within me, and are deserving and worthy of the truth and the opportunity to reclaim your own sovereignty.  Until relatively recently in my life, I was in the same day to day race, on the same hamster wheel, just hoping for the best when it was all said and done.  But thankfully, an incredible awakening occurred in my life, and I just can't have this knowledge and not share it.  It's part of the whole "love others" thing that is part of who we were created to be. 


We should be sharing with one another instead of desperately trying to push our fellow brothers and sisters out of the way on our own way up.  I believe that if we join together, share information and resources, and help one another, we will be blessed beyond measure and achieve a state of bliss and peace like we could never imagine. 


So, I invite you to join me on this journey for truth.  I must warn you, it will take everything you thought to be true and turn it on it's head.  It will shake you to the very core, challenge every belief you hold sacred, and it will completely dismantle your ego.  What it will leave you with is a relentless pursuit of truth and enlightenment, an ability to approach any situation with love nd compassion, and a whole legion of angels as your best friends.


How incredibly humbling it is to be brought to your knees in gratitude with the knowledge that the same power that created the entire universe resides within each of us if we would only choose to accept it.


Blessings, Love, and Light,