“bee” still and know

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“bee” still and know

Hi there!  Thank you again for stopping by to spend  a few moments with me!  I hope you are having a fantastic day, but if some reason you aren’t, just let me know..I’d be happy to send you some loving, healing, positive energy!  I don’t mind at all!  We must remember that we are on this journey together!  And, we also have a whole legion of angels to guide and assist us,

so we are NEVER alone..not even for a second!

How awesome is that?!

So, the last time we spoke, we talked about this “waking up” energy that is covering the planet right now.  I hope that some, if not all, of what I said not only made sense, but also resonated with you in a deep way.  If I were guessing, I would say that you are someone (much like I was) who has felt for a long time that something about the way in which our world works doesn’t quite add up.  That there has to be more to life than this, something that we are missing, that is such a big piece of the puzzle that it could help to make sense of and resolve that nagging feeling that we have carried around for as long as we can remember.

Something so powerful that it could ease the anxieties in our hearts, heal our shame and guilt, and allow us to finally break the shackles of inadequacy that drain the sacred light energy within that makes us so very special.

What if I told you that you’re exactly right?

What if I shared with you how, through no fault of your own, you’ve been deliberately misled into believing that in order to live a life pleasing to God, you must slave and toil in suffering while separated from your creator?  Friends, I have some great news!!  God is not an angry dictator sitting on a throne just waiting to cast eternal judgement and damnation upon us for a life not well enough lived.  And heaven is not a separate and exclusive destination that we should only hope to be “good enough” to be allowed entrance to.

God is the very sacred energy within us..the love and light that flows through all things!

And he created us in his very image, to be like him, perfect and not lacking in any way.  He is the very breath of life that fills us with warmth, love, and compassion.  He is the gentle whisper that urges you to awaken your senses to see his face in everything from a blade of grass to the reflection looking back at you in the mirror.  God created us as an expression of unconditional love, and his very essence is what we are made of!

We are never separate from God..it is literally impossible to be separate from that which is within you!!!

There is divinity within your heart, and when you take the very brave step to seek, accept, and embody all that you truly are, there are no limits to the abundance of peace and love that will flood your life.  Heaven is right here on Earth, right where we are and all we have to do to experience it is allow God’s unconditional love to flow freely through us, and then freely outward to both ourselves and others, so that it may flow freely back to its original source, having been magnified by compassion and gratitude for all that is.


You see, since very early on in humanity’s existence, there has been a sever misuse of power and authority that has only sought to keep us from knowing who we really are.  We have been purposefully pitted against one another, made to believe the illusion that we must live in a society based on “survival of the fittest”, fueling the flame of the ego and breeding an air of competition and duality that has led humanity far away from what our creator desires for us,

which is love, unity, cooperation, and compassion among all living things!

We are divine beings, capable of things we cannot yet even imagine, and God and a whole legion of angels are filled with anticipation to lavish us with the truth of the power that lies within us.  Power and greatness that defy all logic and reason, that burst forth from a heart filled with unconditional love.  We do not have to live with sickness, disease, strife, and destruction.  We can have the Garden of Eden right beneath our feet if we will open our eyes to see that it is there.

Now I know what you might be thinking, because I thought the same thing when first presented with this information….

“If  that’s true, then why would God allow this suffering to go on?  Why wouldn’t he just wave his big magic God wand and make everything better?”

Well, there is a little thing called free will choice that we forget to take into consideration.  And human beings, myself included, haven’t always handled the responsibility of that gift the best way.  And God and the angels will not infringe upon our free will choice.

It gives us the sovereignty that is our birthright.

Without it, we would be no more than slaves.  Our benevolent and loving creator would not have us be marionettes on a string while he sits in the seat of puppeteer.  When humans were created, they had full knowledge of who they were and the power they had.  They had abilities beyond our wildest dreams, and created a civilization that would make even the Roman Empire, or any modern day metropolis, pale in comparison.  And the really exciting part is that we are their descendants, and the abilities and the knowledge they had is as real and alive in you and I as it was in them.  In order to access it, we must choose to put our egos aside, seek without fear or judgement, allow our every belief to be challenged, and we will be shown what has been hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand.

“Ask and it shall be given you;  seek and ye shall find;  knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

There have been brave people all around the world since the beginning of time, just like the apostle Matthew who recorded those words, that have protected the truth and passed it down. Written in a way that  it would pass by largely unnoticed so that it would make its way to people like you and I who would seek the truth, decode the messages, and do everything in our power to shine a light and share that truth with anyone who would dare to listen.

There have also been those who, since that very same time, have allowed ego, greed, and a hunger for power over others to control their hearts.  They have used their gift of free will choice to live in and perpetuate darkness, and to oppress others with that darkness.  It has gone on for so long that we have forgotten the truth of who we are…and that’s exactly what those dark forces were banking on.  They knew that if they held out long enough, they could oppress us into being a race of slaves that didn’t even know we were in chains.

But that’s not how the story ends!  The truth has a funny way of demanding to be told, and what is done in darkness will always come to light.  Remember what I told you about free will choice, and how it is our birthright?  Well, just as God and the angels will not interfere with that gift, God will not allow dark forces to interfere with that gift for very long without intervening.  He has written into the very code of creation, for anyone who would dare to open their eyes to see it, the truth of who we were created to be.  He is there in every single particle of matter, in everything we see touch, hear, smell, and taste.  He will go to unimaginable lengths to meet you where you are and give you the tools to accept and activate every part of our own divine nature.  What has been done in darkness will always come to light, and every corner of the universe is shouting,


Let there be light!  And let there be truth.  Let there be love, grace, compassion, mercy and abundance like we were intended to have.  Let there be a rising up of people to take one another’s hand in love and cooperation and rebuild our world from a place of gratitude for everything we have been given.

Be still, and know the truth that lies within you.  Hear God whisper his love to you in the laughter of a child, in the waves rolling up on the sand to kiss your toes, and in the warmth of the sun on your face.Be still, and watch the leaves change color in the fall, or a beautiful flower emerge from its bud in the spring, and see the divinity in all of nature.  Be still, and feel your own heart beat just one time, not to mention around 80 times per minute without you even asking it to, and see that the God that created the entire universe is pulsing through your veins with every one of those beats.

Let the light of unconditional love permeate every fiber of your being, and then shine that light right where you are to show that love to others.  I promise you that just one light shining from within will allow another light to shine, and will create a ripple effect like a wildfire that will shut out the darkness forever.  Just one person extending acceptance and compassion to themselves, and then to another, will spark a golden flame of peace and unity that cannot be extinguished!

We are living in exciting times!!

You might ask how I could say that with all of the confusion, deceit disease, and destruction in the world.  It is because I choose love, and I choose to see the perspective that great chaos gives birth to great change.  Like a mother that labors for hours to give birth to the wonder and miracle of human life.  I choose to be still and know that God loves me infinitely more than I can conceive of.  I stand with Dr. King in saying,

“I choose love, because hate is too great a burden to bear.”

The entire universe is conspiring to show you love if you will accept it.  And, the first place that I would encourage you to look for it is in the mirror.  It is a feeling that I do not at present time have adequate words to describe.  To look in the mirror at the person you’ve spent lifetimes secretly loathing and being ashamed of, and say, “I love and accept you.  You are an awesome person and you are beautiful!!  You are way more than enough and you are adored by God and an entire legion of angels!”

The moment that you choose to do that will change your life forever in ways you cannot imagine, and I can’t wait for you to experience it!

Blessings, Love, and Light,


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