“bee”neath the light of the harvest moon: Angel Card Reading

“bee”neath the light of the harvest moon:  Angel Card Reading

Hello friends, and Happy Full Moon!  The angels have some incredible messages to share with us today as we anticipate tonight’s full moon.  I hope they are a blessing to you and that the guidance, affirmation, encouragement, and unconditional love of the archangels deeply resonates with you and serves to uplift you and brighten your day.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.

Blessings, Love, and Light,





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Card #1.  Ten of Michael.  A situation has ended and you are finally free.  New opportunities for happiness will now follow!  Put the past behind you.

This message is from the angels to the lightworkers…the ground crew, the front-runners.  To those of us that have committed their lives, and have walked the individual paths necessary, to bring about our own individual awakening and planetary awakening.

The angels say, “BRAVO!”

They ask that we notice the scene depicted on this card…a beautiful performer taking a bow to a standing ovation for a remarkable execution of her gifts and talents, and also practice and hard work.  The angels say that we are receiving an angelic “bravo”, and they give us now a standing ovation for the perfectly executing the performance of anchoring light, and not only raising the vibration of the planet, but sustaining that vibration to free humanity from the matrix of enslavement!

Critical mass has been reached!

The lightworkers, who have endured so much throughout our many lifetimes, are free from the experiences of strife, suffering, persecution, and pain!  And in freeing ourselves, we have anchored that freedom on the planet for all to experience should they choose to in this lifetime.

This harvest moon is a time to consciously and deliberately choose to put down our “battle armor”, knowing we have emerged victorious in the light, and open our high hearts with fresh eyes to see, accept, and experience the harvest we have earned through sewing the seeds of unity, compassion, and unconditional love!

An abundance of opportunity is before us now and the angels are so very excited to watch what joyous experiences we choose to create for ourselves in the New Earth.  Again, they say “bravo” and “well-done”!!


Card #2.  Peace.  Archangel Azriel.  Release the past.  There is a more enriching future coming.  Let go and let God.

The angels see that some of the lightworkers are struggling to release the old timelines and accept that they have collapsed.  The angels have compassion for this, as they understand that we are encountering completely uncharted territory, and fear of the unknown can be…well, scary.

The angels say don’t beat yourself up for having moments of fear.  It’s only natural, and even to be expected, that we might be experiencing anxiety during this time.  Just don’t get stuck there!

We had just gotten settled into being very comfortable with our identities as lightworkers and front-runners, in whatever way that had manifested for us individually.  The angels want to encourage us by reminding us that the entire universe is in a constant state of change and growth.  And, as a result of our true nature as energy, we cannot remain still…or “comfortable” as we had come to know the meaning of the word in our third and even fourth dimensional timelines.

The angels are asking that we release our fears, anxieties, and apprehension, and allow the love and light of the creator (remembering that we too are divinity having a human experience) to be where we place our trust.  The angels want to clarify this….they are asking that we trust ourselves!

We can trust this continual process of death and rebirth because we have peeled back the layers, discovered the truth of our divinity, and know our souls to be perfect and eternal.  When we are connected to this truth, we can fearlessly go forward knowing that all we create is for our highest and greatest good.  The angels want to remind us that we have a benevolent creator, a whole universe of star seed and soul family, ascended masters and guides, not to mention a legion of angels that work all things together for our good.

So, we can trust that it is safe to release that which is no longer serving us, or needed, in order to receive the harvest of unimaginable joy and peace that is rightfully ours.  We can be secure and confident in knowing that all that is before us is more enriching, more beautiful, more peaceful, and more blissful than anything we’ve experienced so far.

The Angels asked that we let go, and let God pour out the Harvest that has been prepared for us!


Card #3.  Ace of Raphael.  A positive new emotional experience.  Fulfilling romantic relationships.  Deep and lasting spiritual insights.

Additional Meanings:  Spiritual revelations.  Home is where the heart is.

The angels asked that I include the “additional meanings” of this card, as noted in the deck guidebook (which they have NEVER done before…so I knew this was going to be powerful) as those two meanings essentially sum up the message being brought forth with this card.

This message is from the angels, specifically for twin flames.

The angels first want to say “WOW!”, and are giving all of the twin flames that have contributed to the task of planetary ascension a round of applause!

They want to commend each and every one of us for the bravery we have demonstrated in navigating the twin flame dynamic and being an intergal part of the ascension process.  The angels want to express their deepest gratitude to ALL twin flame partnerships, both those who are together in a linear partnership at this time and those currently experiencing a different phase and expression of that dynamic.  The angels thank us for bravely baring our souls and learning to unconditionally love ourselves through learning to unconditionally love another.

The angels want to speak now to the twin flames that have remained partnered throughout the ascension process.  They express their awe and admiration for our unwavering commitment to embodying the authentic source energy of unconditional love.  They are now presenting the message, “your rewards will be many, as the energetic frequency you created and sent out into the universe is now returning that frequency to you having been amplified exponentially”.

The deep and lasting spiritual insights each of us has gained throughout this process has aided in the manifestation of the harvest now before us.

They ask that we release any lingering hurts and wounds, any any remaining dense energetic “sludge” left behind from our journeys together that we may not have yet fully cleared.

The angels want to remind us that the process of ascension, particularly amplified in twin flame ascension, is the process of death, burial, and resurrection.

We have put to death the ego’s accusations of unworthiness, death to trauma, death to victim mentality, death to suffering, death to shielding and building walls around our hearts, and death to anything that doesn’t allow us to embody and express the unconditional love of the creator.

We must now bury and release back to the earth the timelines which have collapsed that defined our twin flame union, or reflected in its expression, anything other than peace, joy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, grace, mercy, empathy, and unconditional love.

By choosing death to our old selves, and old ways of interacting, the time has come that we must bury any remnants of that old, dense energy so that we can experience the rebirth, renewal, and revival of our twin bonds and receive the harvest of love, desire, joy, peace, and fulfillment that we are being rewarded with.

The angels want to affirm to us now  that our perseverance has payed off and ask that we open our hearts to the love, passion, desire, and divine partnership that is stronger and more powerful than ever before.  We are ready to birth forth the fruits of our labor in ways too blissful to imagine, should we choose to bury the old and allow it to collapse so that the new, and never before experienced on earth can freely be made manifest.

The angels ask that we call in their presence, ask for their assistance, and adjust our perspective to see that all our heart’s desire is right there before us…right there at home with our twin.

Card #4.  Page of Michael.  Truthful, Perceptive, Analytical, Blunt.  An exciting new challenge!  You have what it takes to succeed.  Review contracts or documents very thoroughly.

This message is from the angels for those of us ready to create and inhabit the New Earth.  Archangel Michael is coming through as a voice of encouragement, affirmation, and upliftment to assure us that we are fully equipped and ready to lay the foundation of the New Earth.  We have all of the tools we need for the job!

Michael is laughing warmly and lovingly as he gives this message because he and all of the angels, along with the ascended masters and guides, are so very proud of us for our awareness, acceptance, and embodiment of the truth that is…all we need is one tool, and that is unconditional love.

And, it is a tool that we always have access to because it is the very essence of what we are made of.  It is impossible to be without, or lacking of, that of which we are made!

The angels also want to congratulate us for discovering that the “secret”  to remembering our original, divine nature as God in human form is not the complicated and confusing addition of titles, personas, roles, duties, paths, labels, etc., but instead the peeling back, shedding, and releasing of the superficial labels and identities that we have assumed over the course of many lifetimes.

The angels are helping us to understand that the lower dimensional means of finding an identity were only distractions and ill-fitted placeholders for truth.

They are affirming what we now know to be true…in the higher dimensions we are solely identified by the light we emit, which cannot be falsified, altered, hidden, cheated, made fraudulent, or over or under exaggerated.  It is the truest, most pure form of identity.  It is our soul frequency and heart song, and the angels say that we look, feel, and sound absolutely magnificent!

They are encouraging us to confidently allow that magnificence to guide our creations and lay the groundwork for the New Earth as “streets of gold” constructed from the unwavering and indestructible light of the creator expressing itself through us.  Our creations, seeded in the intent of unconditional love, and the highest and greatest good for all, will sparkle and shine like gold.  Nor will they decay, rust, or tarnish.

The angels are looking on in anticipation of our “magnificence made manifest” as the New Earth is built and the 144,000 take their rightful places to lead all of humanity to heaven on earth.



*These cards are from the “Archangel Power Card” deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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