Meet Christy

Is a wife, mom, author, artist, archangelic channel…and the smiling face behind ANGEL BEE! She is authentically awkward, wonderfully weird, courageously compassionate, and radically real.  She is as much a fierce warrior as she is a delicate flower, and she is unlike anything you’d ever expect.

Her unique journey allows her to find a kindred soul in anyone she meets, and it doesn’t take long for even the greatest skeptic to find in her what feels like an old friend.

“So many times I asked the angels, “Why me?”…And the response was simply and unwaveringly, “Because you’re you.”  And I didn’t understand it for the longest time. 

Then one day it hit me.  All of the things that I thought would disqualify me from being a voice that anyone would connect with are the very things that not only allow me to do this work, but insist that I do it.”


Christy is on a mission to share a message of radical love for all of humanity from a loving creator and a whole legion of angels she calls her very best friends.

“I think people are desperate for authenticity…for someone to say “I’m a hot mess a lot of the time too, and it’s okay…you are okay.  Not just because I said so, but because the same God that created the entire universe and a whole legion of angels said so.”