the space “bee”tween: Angel Card Reading

the space “bee”tween: Angel Card Reading

Hello friends! The angels, being the awesome friends that they are, have given us some guidance, affirmation, and encouragement for the week! This is a general reading for the week of October 15th-22nd. Enjoy! Blessings, Love, and Light!



Card #1: Ace of Gabriel. A gift of passion, opportunity, and inspiration! The chance to do something amazing! A sense of wonder.

The angels are bringing a message related to the Venus retrograde. Venus rules all things related to our hearts, especially love and romantic relationships. The angels are asking that we see this retrograde time not as something to worry about or to allow negativity in our relationships because of, but instead as an opportunity to use the retrograde energy to do something truly amazing within our romantic partnerships.

The angels ask that we look to see anywhere that we may be closed off to giving or receiving love fully, and to work through those old patterns and fully release them. They ask that we renew our sense of compassion for one another and allow unconditional love to heal any hurts that we may have not fully resolved, and allow anything we may be holding onto which is not serving our relationships to be forgiven and released.

From there, we can allow more light into our sacred unions, which can give birth to a renewed sense of passion and wonder for our partners. We can open our hearts fully, and with unconditional love, and find the inspiration to nurture and grow our bonds and connections in ways that bring us closer together than we ever dreamed possible!

Card #2: Nine of Raphael. Make a wish! Dreams become reality. A joyful time of life!

This is a message of affirmation and encouragement from the angels! They are so grateful to all who chose to incarnate on earth at this time to raise the vibration of Gaia and create a New Earth founded on unconditional love!

The angels know that this work has been far from easy, and they want to commend us for your unwavering commitment to see this through, and for our faith and trust even in the most challenging times. They want to reassure us that we are now moving into a time of harvest where we will be rewarded for all of our efforts!

They are saying, “Dream Big!!”, and are reminding us how worthy and deserving we are to have all that our hearts desire! When seeded in love and service to others, for the highest and greatest good, any dream can become a reality. The angels are reminding us now, more than ever, of how powerful we are.

They ask that ask we create the New Earth, that we not “play it small”!! They are saying, “Create the joyful life you deserve filled with all of your heart’s desires! You’ve earned it!”


Card #3: Epiphany. Joy through spiritual growth. Be a light to others. Answers that come through meditation.

The angels are saying that it’s time for us to share our own spiritual journeys with others in service to humanity! There are more and more people waking up every day, and as the veil is lifted and truth exposed, we lightworkers are needed!

We have the power to shift the awakening process for others from one of fear to one of joy and excitement, which will bring an abundance of joy to us as well! We came here to be a light, and now is the time to shine our lights brighter than ever!

If you’re unsure of what your unique calling is, spend some time in meditation and ask the angels and ascended masters how you can best be of service. The angels are reminding us that we each have unique and special gifts and talents that can serve to uplift others, and therefore anchor more light on the planet.

And no one gift or talent is better or more valuable than another! We are all equally needed, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, to create the beautiful masterpiece of a 5th dimensional New Earth! So get out there and shine your light, lightworkers!


Card #4: Seven of Michael. There is a better course of action available to you! Working alone may not be the best answer. Review all of the details.

The angels are bringing the message to the lightworkers to be careful to not shut ourselves off from what we may consider “third dimensional” or “old energy” fields of study or knowledge bases. The field they would most like to draw our attention to is the field of science.

They ask that as we discover more about the truth of the cosmos and of our origins, and as that truth begins to reach a larger and more mainstream audience, that we not turn our backs on those who can help us the most. They are asking that we understand that it will take a collaborative effort, one that no one expected would be possible, to gain a full understanding of how our universe works and how to bring to reality the heights of greatness that we are capable of.

We will serve to act as “missing links”, so to speak, for each other that when connected will reveal and make possible more than we ever dreamed possible. And, more than we could do on our own. We are not meant to do this alone!! We are not meant to isolate ourselves and wall ourselves off!! We are wired up to work cooperatively and collaboratively, sometimes in the most unexpected and surprising ways!

The angels are asking that we open our hearts to all possibilities, and create partnerships that serve to be an example of what living anchored in the higher dimensions is all about!


I hope this card reading resonated with you, and uplifted you in some way!  If you’d like an in-depth, personal reading, head on over to the services  page to reserve an appointment!  The angels and I look forward to working with you!!


Blessings, Love, and Light,




*The cards used are from the “Archangel Power” oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


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