the space “bee”tween

the space “bee”tween

Hello friends!

There’s been something on my mind and tugging at my heart for some time now, and today I felt it pulling at my heartstrings so hard that I knew it was the angels telling me it was time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

I’ve lovingly (and proudly, I might add) referred to us lightworkers as a “band of misfits”..which usually gets a chuckle out of my husband, and fellow misfit, Caleb.  And while we may have done the inner work and gained the higher perspective to now see our weirdness as one of our greatest attributes, I’m sure we can all easily recall the years we spent ostracized, shunned, pushed away, and otherwise left out.  And, I’m sure we can all remember how that made us feel…

and, quite honestly, how much it hurt.

So, my question is, why are we now doing that that to others?

Now, I’m sure that my posing that question has left more than a few of you bristled, and maybe even a little bit offended and defensive.

That’s okay.. I was prepared for that.

I am also prepared to be a part of a collective movement to bring about a needed change, one that I truly hope and believe can make a huge difference for us all.

So, back to my question.  Why are we, as lightworkers, shutting so many people out and “walling off our borders”, so to speak?  Time and time again I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling so much judgement of, and separation from, those that are not yet awake.  It’s almost like we’ve started an exclusive club for highly conscious beings and us “5dr’s”are the only ones who know the secret handshake.

And, part of me gets it.  We’ve all been through so much, and have worked so hard, to be in a place where we feel good and confident and accepted.  And furthermore, we have made up our minds that the whole business of the third and fourth dimensions are not something we care to involve ourselves in ever again, thank you very much!

Trust me, I get it…I really do.

Here’s the thing I believe we are missing if we choose to subscribe to that thought process.  Remember that whole thing about volunteering to come on this mission and be here at this time to be a lightworker?  And the whole mission hinged on us awakening, activating our lightbodies and memory codes, and then anchoring light in order to raise the consciousness of the planet for the freedom of humanity.

Have we forgotten that being a lightworker means being a light to guide others out of darkness?

How are we going to do that if we completely seclude ourselves from that which we deem “darkness”?  If we make our light exclusive and inaccessible, then what good are we doing?

Don’t get me wrong…a room full of awakened, multi-dimensional, bad-ass beings sounds like a party I want to be a part of!  And, I believe with all of my heart that there will be a time for that.  But let’s not forget that there’s still work to do.

Light to anchor.

Compassion to show.

Unconditional love to extend.

There are still waves upon waves of unawakened souls, just like you and I were not too long ago, that desperately need us to be engaged, connected, and more committed than ever to guide them toward the light of truth and through the gates of the New Earth.

Let’s collectively make a choice to make ourselves available in service to humanity.  Let’s allow ourselves to be a bridge from the third dimension to the fifth, with an unwavering knowing that we are fit for the job.  Let’s answer the call once again and renew our determination to be the embodiment of the unconditional love of the creator so that the face of humanity will be forever changed for the better.

We are at, what I believe, is a critical phase of our mission.  Mass awakening is in the process of happening as we speak, and people are desperately searching for a light to guide them out of the darkness.

Let’s make it easy for them to find.

Let’s shine the brilliant and beautiful light of the creator to say, “Follow me…I know the way!  The New Earth is right around the corner, and you’re going to love it!!!”

Thank you all for being here.  I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with each of you.  Don’t miss the Angel Card Reading that goes along with this article.  And, if you’d like an in-depth, personal reading and coaching session, please head on over to the services page to reserve an appointment!


Blessings, Love, and Light,


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